Thistle Stone Works offers a full range of work related to dry stone construction:

Historic Preservation

Restoration and repair of dry stone structures, including technical conditions assessments of arched bridges and covered bridge abutments

Special Features

Stone bridges, arches, pillars, art installations, and water features

Dry Stone Walls

Free-standing walls, retaining walls, and foundations for houses and barns


Doorsteps, stairways, paths, and patios


Qualified instruction, workshops, and certification examining


On dry stone walling including arched bridges and covered bridge abutments

Our Client Commitment

Thistle Stone Works' clients are assured of the same attention to detail and quality of work whether their projects are large or small. Developing and maintaining a good relationship with the client is of great importance to the success of any project and central to the ethic of Thistle Stone Works.

Please send us a message to begin discussing how we can help with your stonework project.