Thistle Stone Works

Michael Weitzner | Principal

Old World Craftsmanship in the Heart of New England

What is Dry Stone Construction?

Also known as dry stone walling, dry-laid stone, or dry-stacked stone; this approach to building combines beauty with function and durability in a way that cannot be achieved by any other method. As the name indicates, no mortar is used in dry stone construction, which relies on friction and gravity to make structures that are stable.

Why Use Dry Stone?

Stone is the oldest building material. Dry stone structures can flex without breaking. Dry stone construction is a more environmentally friendly building method that can make use of locally available natural materials. Stone is completely and often repeatedly recyclable. It has a much lower environmental impact than concrete products, treated timber or plastics.

Dry Stone Projects

Thistle Stone Works will consider any new construction or repairs built in dry stone including:

  • Historic Restoration
  • Special Features
  • Dry Stone Walls
  • Stones for standing/walking on (Flatwork)

Michael also teaches classes and gives presentations on the art and craft of dry stone construction.

"When I pick up stone, my feet are on the ground and I have my hands on the very bones of the earth. The stones speak to me and tell me how they want to be used. I listen and take joy in discovering the patterns that emerge as I build."


We invite you to explore our gallery of past work and contact us to discuss your project.

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