Dry stone construction combines beauty with function and durability in a way that cannot be achieved with any other material or construction method. Stone is the oldest building material. It is completely and repeatedly recyclable. Dry stone construction is an environmentally friendly technique using locally available, natural materials with a lower environmental impact and energy cost than concrete products, treated timber or plastics.

Thistle Stone Works will undertake any project that can be built in dry stone, whether it be new construction or repair work:  Door steps, stairways, paths, patio work, free-standing and retaining dry stone walls, foundations for houses/barns, arches, pillars, water features, restoring/rebuilding historic structures. Thistle Stone Works' clients are assured of the same attention to detail and quality of work whether their projects are large or small. Developing and maintaining a good relationship with the client is of great importance to the success of any project and central to the ethic of Thistle Stone Works.

Please take the time to explore the project portfolio and contact us to discuss your project.


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